How to Schedule Multiple Triggers for the Same Zap on Zapier

Organizing several sets off for the exact same Zap on Zapier can be successfully handled with Cronfree Time Scheduler. By using Cronfree you can establish fancy routines for your Zaps, allowing them to set off numerous times a week and even on particular days.

This makes sure that your automated process run exactly when required, improving your performance and also process administration. With Cronfree's instinctive user interface establishing these timetables is uncomplicated permitting you to personalize activates to match your special demands.


  • Zapier schedule every other week

  • Schedule Zap to run every other Monday

  • Run a Zap every 2 Weeks (Schedule by Zapier bi-weekly)

Whether it's sending out notices, upgrading spread sheets or incorporating information throughout systems, Cronfree equips you to automate these jobs effortlessly, guaranteeing they run flawlessly plus successfully.

Problems Solved With Cronfree

Hi, I would like to schedule a zap not for every day, but every other day. Is there a simple way to do this? The only similar solution I have seen is to trigger it for certain days of the week, but this is not every other day since there are 7 days a week. Also, I can imagine choosing only odd or even dates but this wouldn’t work if the 31st is followed by the 1st. Is there a way to do this seamlessly? Thank you very much.

I’m building a Zap to send a Slack message to my team on a bi-weekly basis to submit their topics they want to talk about during our team huddle. Trying to get more collaboration out of them.

I’m struggling to get this right though. I thought I had it by using a Delay after Schedule by Zapier weekly, but that didn’t work and everyone was confused this morning when it said there was a team huddle this afternoon, when in fact it is next Monday.

Currently I have the zap set up to message my team a week before the meeting for any topics, then follow up again as a thread to that message on Friday of the same week for topics on Monday.

Any idea, without using code, how I could do this? I saw another thread on this and the person proposed using code, but I don’t understand code to know what to do with that. I also couldn’t figure out how to respond in that thread (sorta a n00b to the community).

I had the problem that for a customer a Zap has to be executed every two weeks. I would like to present my solution to you and I'am open to alternative solutions or issues I haven't considered.

First I used the trigger "Schedule by Zapier" and selected "Every Week" as the event.

I’m trying to figure out how to schedule a zap to run every other Monday starting from 9/12/22. I can’t figure out how to accomplish this using the Zap Scheduler and Zap Filter. Any help would be great!

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